For our client Sanofi we developed the strategy, marketing and communication for various medicine. Online as well as offline. Both for the healthcare professional as for the patient.

Introductie Breastcancer

We received the request for the introduction of an entirely new test for the assessment of a high or low risk of the metastasis of breast cancer. A gene expression test based on the analysis of 70 genes of the breast tumor. The introduction of an entirely new approach of risk assessment concerning metastasis and with that the deployment or not of a very taxing and expensive chemotherapy.


The challenge concerned the position of the completely novel test and technology. Providing various specialists with insight in the advantages of the test. Convincing health insurers of the use of the test and the cost saving on chemotherapy. Informing patients about breast cancer and the potential dangers of metastasis. Communicating in a broad band that the gene expression test is a meaningful test that provides more certainty about potential future risks and the right treatment.


An intensive campaign was set up aiming at healthcare specialists, health insurers and patient together with next of kin. Healthcare specialists were approached via the traditional media and health providers through intensive visiting. Patients and next of kin were informed online about the advantages of the test and pointed at the possibility of asking for the test when contacting a specialist. The famous push-pull strategy that worked perfectly. Almost all health insurers included the test in their package.

Introduction cholesterol

In relation to the introduction of a new cholesterol product we were asked for support concerning strategy and communication. The patient in  central position and unburdening of the healthcare provider.


The challenge was in the difficulty level related to prescribing with a limited reimbursement in first instance. A lot of work for the healthcare provider. In addition unambiguous information and support of the patient with (familiar) increased cholesterol level. It involves a novel therapeutic class which in turn involved additional communication.


For the healthcare provider, in addition to the communication of all basic intrinsic qualities,  a practical folder was developed with all the required documents for prescribing and reimbursement. Both digital as well as in print. Providing, instructions and support were executed by a third party. The healthcare provider is unburdened maximally. For the patient there is an extensive starters package with all the required information, injection instructions and material.

This approach guarantees a fast deployment of the medicine by the healthcare provider because of effectivity, prescription ease and sound support of the patient.

Introduction Diabetes

We received the request for rolling out a new drug for diabetes. New, but based on an existing and known therapeutic class.


Introducing a new drug in an overcrowded market with a lot of providers. A large and growing potential with high stakes for all parties. On top of that additional (counter) pressure from existing formularies and similar products.


Strategic build up from existing prescription ‘habits’ and differentiation to patient profiles. This provided space for the deployment of the new drug. In short time a substantial market share. Additionally a lot of attention (on- and offline) for the diabetes patient in the form of education about diabetes and the use of this drug.