Ocello – rebrand


The expertise of Ocello is unique and they add value to every step in the pharmaceutical/biotechnological chain of developing medicine. This is acknowledged by their returning clients. Ocello offers pharmaceutical and biotech companies plug in R&D solutions, additional insight in the MOA of medicine still in the research phase and solutions that predict how the drug will react in patients even before the start of phase III studies.


Ocello knows how to market its value proposition but they were looking for knowledge and the tools to reach the right clients in an effective and efficient manner.


  • Re-branding OcellO and structuring of the company folders and the website
  • Creating a strategy to reach OcellO’s clients in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Simplifying the OcellO message, finding the right differentiations compared to the competitors and creating a story that tells the value OcellO can offer their stakeholders.