Dosmedical – Anamel®


BAP Medical asked us to reposition Anamel as the first product in their honey line. Anamel is a product for anal complaints. The approach was very medical. We wanted to do this differently! The taboo around anal complaints has to go, because there are many people like you and me who suffer from this.

Yet nobody really dares to admit it. Therefore, away with the medical approach and welcome to the consumer approach. The result was: new packaging, radio advertising on NPO radio 2, a new website and an outdoor campaign. The result: A total re-branding.

So do you have an itch or irritation between your buttocks? AnaMel is a natural honey salve that helps you.


  • Gain purchase intent through complaints taking them out of the taboo
  • Increase sell-out
  • Retain Anamel users
    attract new users

Radio commercial NPO radio 2


  • Loading Anamel in the Netherlands/region
  • stand out more through action colors/images/advice
  • clear action presence in the webshop/social/media
  • Anamel is a brand Webdesign