Chiesi – Zorgtalks


During the start of the COVID-19 period we met up with Chiesi to set up a special event for physicians. On TV and Radio a huge number of experts vented an opinion concerning all the measures being taken. The opinion of the physician often was left out. They were allowed to respond to the impact that corona had on the care system, but the social impact and the postponement of all kinds of care was not discussed with them.


Chiesi wanted positive attention by setting up an event in which the healthcare professionals were the centre point and were allowed to present their opinion concerning all corona measures. The professionals talked about how, during a next pandemic, other care was being suspended and how it could be avoided.


It was proposed to be the same style of talk show, similar to well-known dutch talk shows like ‘Jinek’ and ‘Op1’, for people working in the care sector. Together with Chiesi and Springer an editorial body was set up and subjects and guests were selected.

It had to be a returning event and thus a recognizable format was developed and the name ‘ZorgTalks’ (CareTalks) was chosen. Among the subjects discussed were for instance: ‘How does the healthcare sector respond to the fact that, at that time for several months already, the care was put above economy; Or what do they think of the fact that children were receiving home education; Or, is it possible that technological developments and remote healthcare can make it possible, in time, to make sure that regular healthcare can continue.’

Following the live broadcast, the recording of the talk show was also used to create broad attention for Chiesi. A large campaign was set up to push the on-demand version. The recordings also provided endless new snackable content for both offline as online presentation.


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