Galapagos – Make it happen


Concerning the introduction of a new drug for rheumatism patients we were asked to think along how to reach their stakeholders in an appetising and original way with this news.


The competition in the field of rheumatism is very intense and involves many different players. The disadvantage of this is that it is challenging to reach the right stakeholders in an efficient way.


Because of the corona crisis we wanted to do everything online. In addition we searched for a format that had not been used before and stays away from the standard refresher courses all too often applied in the first phase of a product life cycle. This led to the accredited talk show ‘Make it Happen’. In cooperation with Springer and Galapagos we set up an interesting online live program with various guests.

The entire event was boosted by means of adverts and a LinkedIn and email campaign.


  • After 4 days campaigning via LinkedIn the number of clicks to the landing page of ‘Make it Happen’ already exceeded 50 with over 5000 views and an average CTR of 0,87. At that time the number of participants to the live webcast had reached 40.

  • Due to the success of ‘Make it Happen 1’ the format meanwhile has been used by Galapagos for other introductions.

  • Ultimately over 80 people watched online talk show live and later an additional 50 s 50 watched on-demand.