We were asked to think along about creating more attention for the extremely rare disease IMCD. IMCD leads to death if not treated timely. As most physicians see this clinical picture 1 or 2 times in their career knowledge concerning this clinical picture is very limited. This causes patients remaining untreated or being diagnosed correctly too late.


Eusapharma wants to increase the knowledge concerning this rare disease with the medical community and make sure that the speed of diagnosis and the chances of survival of patients improve.


We opted for bringing the IMCD-specialists and treatment centres in contact with each other. We achieved this by setting up a peer-to-peer network with KOLs and asked whether they would take the lead. On LinkedIn an IMCD-group was established where the KOLs together with Eusapharma are manager. The aim of the LinkedIn-group is to exchange knowledge and science concerning IMCD with the healthcare professionals involved in IMCD treatment in an accessible manner and through a central location.

In order to achieve attention for IMCD among a broader audience, an animation was made and spread both online and offline. In addition an accredited course was developed in which specialized centres explain making a diagnosis, treatment, patient care paths and practical experience.

The LinkedIn-group caused the establishment of a durable network of physicians that is still active and sharing knowledge.