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We are a specialized partner that helps suppliers in “consumer healthcare” to boost their sales. We do this by giving consumers a positive brand experience on the store floor, helping them make the right choice and creating a preferred position with the retailer.

This approach came about because in working with various clients, we noticed that the scalability of knowledge transfer and brand experience across retailers could be more effective and efficient.

We believe in a holistic approach to your brand positioning combined with super execution. We can take care of this completely, because we have the right relationships at different retail chains like ETOS, DA, Kruitvat, Vitamin Store, Holland and Barrett etc….etc.

The result is higher sales and a retailer that wants to work with you.


We translate your brand strategy into relevant learning content aimed at the retailer’s store associates. Through the knowledge they gain, their confidence to advise the product grows and the brand becomes top-of-mind.

We then pair this learning content with a creative activation campaign. With this approach, we encourage consumers to come to the store and store associates can immediately apply the knowledge they have gained and start selling. All in all, this contributes to a better brand experience throughout the channel.

Our ultimate goal is to turn every retailer, store associate and customer into a fan of your brand.


Based on your brand, we write the script, provide the right branding, record the microlearnings, do the editing and pitch the content + activation campaign to the retailers and media relevant to you.

In short, we can completely unburden you, we enhance the brand experience and we ensure the best possible connection with your brand. The result is a BOOOST for sales and a more efficient use of the promotional budget.